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GCA Plus™ Warranty

GC Aesthetics® offers a comprehensive lifetime warranty to provide replacement GCA® Breast Implants.


GCA® Breast Implants have long-term proven safety¹ and are made following strict quality standards² to ensure the safety of our products. That’s why we have the extended lifetime warranty to provide free of charge replacement breast implants.

All GCA® Breast Implants

Your GCA® breast implants are covered for your lifetime. If any of the listed adverse effects happen, you are entitled to a free of charge replacement breast implants.


We are confident about our products, that is why we offer an extended warranty that is valid for your lifetime.

Fully Rectrospective

For breast products implanted after 1st January 2009

GC Aesthetics® is your lifetime companion

Discover and compare the benefits of our extended FREE warranty

Lifetime replacement for rupture
Lifetime replacement for Capsular Contracture
Lifetime coverage against BIA-ALCL
Contralateral replacement
$3000 BIA-ALCL financial reimbursement
GCA Comfort Plus™ Warranty
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Competitor 3
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Competitor 5

Additional helpful documents

Warranty Brochure


Check out our FAQ´s about the GCA Comfort Plus™ Warranty

The warranty applies to all GC Aesthetics® (Nagor or Eurosilicone) implant products, implanted after January 01, 2009, by an appropriately qualified and licensed Physician in accordance with accepted surgical procedures and techniques, and in strict accordance with the GCA® “Instructions for Use” supplied with the product, but not where symptoms could be linked to non GCA® breast implants.

No, in the case of rupture or capsular contracture, the warranty applies to the product only and does not cover any costs of surgery.

Any model, size or style from our GCA® brands (Nagor or Eurosilicone) of breast implants from the current catalogue.

It is our priority to give customer confidence. We deal with all requests as a matter of urgency, so our average response time is 72 hours from receipt of accurate information provided using the GCA® ‘Customer Complaint Form’.

It is our priority to give customer confidence. We, as a responsible company, follow all regulatory requirements in countries where we trade. As a minimum, the medical physician will need to provide us with: the brand, model, size, lot number and serial number of the explanted product(s), and the reason for the claim as documented in our ‘Customer Complaint Form’. We may request additional information depending on your concern in order to provide the best support.

Complaints can be registered by your Healthcare Professional by contacting us at: .
- Nagor products email: ukvigilance@gcaesthetics.com. .
- Eurosilicone products email: return@gcaesthetics.com.
- Your healthcare professional can request the GC Aesthetics® Customer Complaint Form for completion.

Healthcare professionals. If you are a patient, contact your registered medical physician in order to get the appropriate support.